Women from all over the world meet once a week in Cologne to talk about various interesting topics and do some yoga, gym and dancing.
This way we learn about new things and do something or our well-being, and besides we overcome prejudice and fear between people of different origin.
Furthermore, our group might help you to find a partner for language exchange - provided that we currently have participants with the mother tongue you are looking for. And if you have a problem and need help, we will try to solve it together.

Although we are quite different in age, origin, profession, etc. we already became friends.

Everyone is welcome who would like to have an international circle of friends, no matter if with or without a migration background, if from Europe, Africa, Asia, America...

On this page you will also find links to our discussion board which is both a newsletter about our upcoming events and a forum for intercultural exchange between the members of the women's group and people from all over the world who like to see beyond their own edge, as well as to various groups we feel attached to.

P.S. You are interested in international meetings, but don't have time on Wednesdays? No problem - suggest additional meetings on our discussion board:


P.SS. Just a short note for those who don't speak German well yet: Don't be afraid to come along if you're interested in our group. We also speak English, French, Italian, Croatian.... and are willing to correct your mistakes in German if you want that. Also on our discussion board ( see link above ) you may also write in your language.

Our meeting place is:

Kalker Treff, Rolshover Str. 7-9, 51103 Cologne-Kalk ( with child care )

The meeting starts at 17:30 h.

                                            Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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